Are you interested in a medical career abroad?

What are the advantages of living abroad...

To live in a pleasant and well-arranged environment of your choice with a good balance between your work & private life

To enjoy a stable and solid social & healthcare system for your family and to provide your children with a high standard of education

To work in modern, well equipped hospitals, private clinics & practices

The opportunity to progress professionally as well as academically

To have a very good salary, professional tax incentives and an excellent socio-financial system

How can we support you...

With professional contractual, tax and assurance advice

so we can make sure that you get a good and fair contract, get the help with the new administrative, tax and insurance system professionally as well as privately.

With a solid language training in French, English or Dutch

that you can express yourself as well professionally as in your personally life in way that you feel comfortable and confident.

With our tailor-made relocation process

to smoothly get you relocated and settled in your place of choice with our local assistance.

The recruitment process we follow...

With more than eight years of executive search experience we still use the same professional and proven high level methodology which means that we put our candidate first and make sure we know the candidate on a personal & professional level and that we assess her or his aspiration and wishes regarding location, climate and region and language;

After this intake, done by our local medical recruitment consultant, we use our executive search methodology to match you with the right opportunities. When the proposed position(s) fits your personal & professional expectations we will explain the in’s and out’s of the opportunity personally to conclude together if we need to proceed (or not).

With a positive feedback from the client we will set up an online and local interview process to get acquainted with the possible new employer and to discuss the job offer.

After the acceptance of the job offer you will sign an agreement with the employer so you can start with the free intensive language course online or locally given by our language specialist. After signing the contract we will support and assist you and your relatives with the preparations towards your new career and life. The moment you reach the appropriate language level we assist and help you with the organisation of the relocation.

Would you like to move to...





Who we are...

In short… an international recruitment boutique with more than eight years of experience in the recruitment industry.

We started as a specialized executive search boutique international oriented and always operating in a niche market which is candidate driven. As we started from our own strength in the European Cyber Security niche we gradually moved also into the niche of international Medical Recruitment.

We use our own developed candidate driven approach which results over the years in many satisfied candidates as well as clients.

We are, as always, at your service.


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