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10 reasons why you should work abroad


You must have asked yourself at least once, how would your life look like abroad? Of course, there are probably many questions that you need to answer. There are also fears of change that are quite normal (you can read more about this here). In this text, we will reveal 10 things why you should work abroad.


  • Improve your income

Let’s be honest, the most common reason people go to work in another country is financially. In countries where your profession is deficient, employers will pay significantly more to hire you. These are mainly the countries of Western and Northern Europe, where there is a well-organized system and strategies for employment.


  • Change of weather conditions

Have you been bored with constant rain, winter and bad weather? Or would you like to replace the summer that lasts all the time with a country where you can also enjoy snowing? Working abroad is a great opportunity to finally be satisfied with the weather conditions that surround you.


  • Learn a new language

Work abroad will surely improve your language skills. The easiest way to learn a language is when we are surrounded by people who speak it. Sometimes moving to another country will force you to learn a new language, but isn’t that great?


  • Take a break from your routine

Everybody needs a change from time to time. When you move to another country, even if you do the same job, the environment is different, people are different, your work space has changed, and all this is a good change that will shake your everyday monotony.


  • You can have a new perspective of your own country

Everything in your country is bored, bad, wrong? Sometimes it is necessary to move away so that we can look at all these problems from a distance.


  • Find a better work-life-balance.

In some countries, such as France, working week lasts 35 hours, which means that if you are used to have 40 hours workweek, in France you will have five hours more for yourself and your family. Of course, this depends on job-to-job, but it is generally accepted working hours in most industries.


  • Develop your skills

Each country has its own rules and its own way to work. This can be very interesting for you as you will learn to see the things from a different angle. Your employer will teach you skills and impart knowledge that will enable you to be more efficient. Indeed, by widening your perspective, you will get a better overview of your scope of activities and you will have more creative and relevant initiatives.


  • Improve your CV

Employers love people that have been exposed to different work environments. When your prospective employer sees that you have been working in a foreign country for some time, it’s likely that he will employ you, because it’s clear that you are more adaptable, open-minded and resourceful. If you want to check what is the difference between CV and resume, you can check it here.


  • Make new friendships

The idea of meeting new friends of different nationalities is very interesting, not only means relating to different people, but experiencing a multicultural exchange. Many of them may be in the same situation as you and you can learn a lot from each other.


  • Get more career opportunities

Career development opportunities are significantly enhanced by a period spent working abroad. Working internationally gives you an edge over others. If you want to discover a new country, while working in your industry, check out our opportunities!

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