Changes and why we are scared of it

Sep 24

The change is the only thing that is certain in our life. Every moment is a change. While reading these lines, something in you and around you changes. Change of seasons, weather conditions, day and night, change our mood, our view, friends, partners, habits, sometimes the country we live in.

Looking back, we realize that we are exactly the result of many changes that have taken place in us but also outside of us, whether we were consciously deciding to change something, whether we simply reacted to the circumstances that were happening. It’s important that we are aware of it. This fact helps us to understand ourselves and everything that happens in us when things change in our lives or when we want to change something. Sometimes it happens that perhaps for years we are almost caught up in some situations, circumstances, relationships, from which we don’t know how to get out. We feel that it is time to change something, but the very thought of something that we can take so scares us, almost paralyzes us, we decide to continue on the old one and live as it is until now, as unlike the new situation, at least known and in it we are accustomed to function. That’s why there are many people who live for years in fear of what might happen if they decide on a different step. Because of the fear of the unknown, they risk living their lives in a sense of failure.

There is no human in the world who will tell you that he is in love with changes, but sometimes changes are necessary for our lives, with them we can create a better environment and better quality of our own lives. Even if that is a simple small change or big and really important when it arises you will feel some special feelings and those feelings are something for what we are living for. You don’t need to love it and be comfortable with them you just need to believe in yourself and in your choice, and you need to be aware that change will bring something special and unique into your life.

We are faced with changes all the time from kindergarten to school, then to high school, faculty, working environment, there are always new friends, circumstances, things, and places. The only thing that gives us the strength and the will to face changes and the potential problems they bring is motivation. In order to truly become great and make our dreams into realities, we have to cultivate superior levels of consistent motivation. This type of motivation guarantees success in whatever endeavor because it allows you to do what needs to be done regardless of whether you feel terrible or great.

The simple feat of knowing that you are that kind of person with that amount of self-discipline brings all the unbreakable confidence and satisfaction you can dream of. Imagine for a moment how amazing the world would be if every single person just activated their motivation? Wow, it will be a great place to live, because when people are motivated they are happy, so happy that they can explode of that feeling. People with a lack of motivation are sad, and their lives are full of sad feelings, condemnation, and prejudice because they are living the same life, same situations every day, they are empty inside. You don’t want to be that person, you want to be happy right? You need that sparkle in your eyes, you need that feeling so you can explore and feel the real life. Always have in mind that we have just one life and that he is a gift, unselfish and most valuable gift that you could ever get. How you will live it and how it will look like its only up to you. We are the unique creators of our own lives. So don’t live in fear, don’t be scared of failure, if you fail you will get up fast and you will be stronger for some new things and fails. Because life is turbulent, and you will fail but after that, you will rise above. Just don’t give up and learn from your own mistakes, learn how to become a better person. So move, go out from your comfort zone, don’t be scared of changes. Change it and face with it. Let me see that smile 🙂

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