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France and all advantages of living there


The International Living Association annually compiles the list of top countries for living according to the quality of life criteria. In 2010 France took first place and it was there for the next  5 years. As the country with the best quality of life in the world, France ranks ahead of Australia, Switzerland, Germany, and New Zealand. The first place in the world brought her one-hundred-percent votes in the categories of freedom, security, and health, which is even better than Switzerland. Life in this country has a large number of advantages, we will present you here some of them.

The world’s best health system,

The French health system takes the first place in the World Health Organization classification. Public health has long been an important issue in France. Social security was born out of this concern to provide French citizens and residents with quality and affordable health care.


Work-life balance

The people who live in this country have the longest life in the world (77 years for men and 84 for women) and enjoy the benefits of work laws that give them plenty of free time (a work week of 35 hours and 5 weeks of vacation for all). This means less stress and more time for friends and family. The main premise in France is “Works to live and not live to work”.


The world’s first tourist destination

France has 35 sites listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the capital city Paris is the first worldwide destination for business tourism and international fairs. The Eiffel Tower is the most visited monument in the world, and the Disneyland Paris Park is the most visited in Europe.


The art of living

France also has an exceptionally famous gastronomy that was included in 2010 in the UNESCO World Heritage List (350 types of cheeses, vineyards in Bordeaux, Bourgogne and many others, spicy crab meals or masterpieces of large award-winning chefs), and a variety of activities in leisure time (city, sea, mountain, village) and the proximity of culture and art.

Nutrition with the French is not just food consumption, but a complete enjoyment of taste and time for socializing and relaxation. Lunch is composed of three parts, and often four: appetizer, main course, cheese, and dessert. Wine is compulsory and is considered a food product. It is also strictly taken into consideration that certain wines go with certain foods.



In Paris, and generally in France there is always a fashion euphoria, which is why you can see in the street what you considered uninvited. The combination of complete extremes in the fashion styles makes their street fashion irresistible. The most famous fashion designers are born in this country and it’s not a coincidence why France is the capital of fashion.


What to say more about this wonderful country. If you are looking for a place with exciting history, quality food, and wines, with almost no stress then France is definitely your dreamland.

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  1. Everyone is talking about work-life balance in France. I think that their way of living is so powerful and life oriented. They have time to enjoy life and that is really important this days.


  2. France is definitely one of my favorite countries in the world. The food taste, that positive spirit, monuments, Paris…. I love everything in France.


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