Why you will adore France


When I say “France,” I first think of fashion, wine, champagne, cheese, and that sophisticated and pleasant language. But France provides much more than these stereotypical concepts that first come to our minds.


France has excellent climatic conditions; Whether you are a fan of winter sports or enjoying the beaches in summer days, in France you will always find an interesting vacation offer for yourself (and even summer skiing!)

“Of the 60% of French people who go away on holiday, some 80 per cent stay within their own country,” points out Anthony Peregrine, author of Telegraph Travel’s Le Rosbif Writes column, and our Provence expert. “Could there be a better advert for the place as a vacation destination?”

Weather conditions are a great bonus when you live in the south of France; 300 sunny days per year will surely keep a smile on your face.


French TGV – train à grande vitesse, or “very fast train”, phenomenally works and you will quickly reach from one end of the country to another.

In one CNN article it says “If you want to go from Paris to the Mediterranean coast for lunch, hop on a TGV … Three hours later, you’ll be sipping rosé and gazing at billionaires’ yachts while the fliers are still putting in a claim for their lost luggage.”


French roads are among the best-maintained in the world, if not the best. It has a very good road system, with more kilometers of road than any other country in the European Union. France has a total of 965,916 km (600,192 miles) of local, secondary, main roads, and motorways.​ If you come from eastern Europe, you will be amazed by the fact that French roads are well marked – it’s unlikely you will be able to get lost.


If you like museums, history or beautiful castles, the French will delight you. France is full of popular museums and castles that we all heard about (Louvre, Versailles, …) but also of those less popular but no less important ones outside of Paris. Also, in France you can see the magnificent palaces in which people still live or have been turned into top-class hotels.


Bakeries and pastry shops in France are, I must admit, something like sacred places (for me). Anything you buy in one of these stores will kick you off your feet. The delicious flavors of baguette, creme brulee or croissants will leave you speachless.


Every small town in France has at least one independent bookshop that sells real books, including the French classics. Can you imagine this in your own country? Bookshops do not an economy make, of course; but the efficiency and intelligence of French work is evident, even in small things.


The usual number of hours the French spend during the week at work is 35. That means they work for 7 hours a day, an hour less each day than in most other European countries. Isn’t it nice to have an hour of less stress, and an hour more for your family and friends?

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