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Funny way of learning German

You have decided to study or work in Germany, now you need to learn German fist so you can move into this beautiful country. You have heard that German is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world, and you are scared now. That is absolutely normal. But we will encourage you to start learning the German language in a funny way with fewer difficulties.

Your task is, first of all, to teach your brain to connect language learning with fun and a sense of satisfaction.

We will give you some tips on how to learn the German language faster.

  1. Read news, newspapers, and magazines in German – You do not have to read novels, although you can do it if you want and have time, you can find news on the Internet, various articles in the field of interest, various magazines, online or on paper. If you are traveling to Germany, take the opportunity to get newspapers and magazines with topics of interest to you. Pay attention to the structure of the sentence, the time, the phrases, and the words used in these texts. Look up in the vocabulary of unknown words that you encounter or talk to a professor at a time about grammatical rules if you are unclear.
  2. Change the language settings on your computer, mobile and on all social networks and the internet services you use – Let everything be in German! In this way, you will be forced to quickly learn a large number of words, and it can be very fun.
  3. Listen to German radio stations – Even if you understand very little, still listen.
  4. Listen to music and try to write the lyrics – Look up some German top lists on the Internet and select a few songs. If you are a beginner, you can especially benefit from children’s songs because they have a simpler vocabulary and are easy to remember.
  5. Read the recipes or try to prepare some food following the instructions in German. You can find very useful videos on YouTube because you can connect what you hear to what the chef in the video is doing. In addition to the recipes, you can also watch various other video materials with instructions from an area that interests you and describes something step-by-step.
  6. Watch German movies without translation, possibly with subtitles in German – While you are trying to follow a movie that interests you a lot, you’ll be able to master the language. You can also write new words or phrases to find them later in the dictionary.
  7. Listen to podcasts – This is ideal if you do not have enough time. You can listen to podcasts in German on your mobile phone while waiting in line, walking, training, or going from home to work. It’s important that you are exposed to the language more.
  8. Choose every day for one area (eg animals, food and drinks, family members, etc.) and try to remember as many words as possible – You can do this during coffee breaks at work while waiting for something. You can also try to remember as many words as you can in some letter.
  9. Describe in a few sentences your day – In short, chronologically, where you were, what you were doing.
  10. At home, stick stickers on all objects with their names in German – This can be fun and useful to both you and your family members.

Viel Glück 🙂

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10 interesting facts about Germany

When it comes to Germany and the Germans, the most frequent associations we have are Oktoberfest, beer and sausages. Here are some interesting things about this country and its people you might not know.


  1. Berlin, the capital of Germany is 9 times larger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice.

  1. The nearest street in the world is located in the German city of Reutlingen and at the narrowest point, it is only 31cm wide.

  1. Germany has over 2100 castles and castles.

  1. The largest zoo in the world is located in Berlin. Otherwise, there are over 400 registered zoos, as well as a large number of aquariums, nature reserves, botanical gardens, parks, etc.

  1. Sunday work in Germany is prohibited by the labor law and every Sunday the shops are closed. On business days, most stores are closing between 19 and 21h. Exceptions are gas stations, traffic lights at railway stations, bars, and restaurants. There are stores in major cities that are open all night, but the prices are really high.

  1. Football is a favorite sport and you can talk about it with anybody. In stadiums, girls, grandmothers, ladies, families can often be seen. Almost everyone has their favorite club, and women often train and watch football.

  1. In Germany, everyone pays its share of the account. Couples at meetings also share accounts, sometimes even married couples in restaurants. A change also returns to the cent. A clean account leans long love!

  1. In addition to beers and sausages, Germany is also famous for bread. There are more than 300 types of bread. Bread in Germany is served with each meal, and the selection of pastries in bakeries and shops is enormous.

  1. Germans are great fans of carbonated beverages. Even when ordering water in a coffee shop, it is generally assumed that it is a carbonated mineral water. One of the favorite drinks is soda-based apple juice, the so-called Apfelschorle, which is actually a mixture of carbonated mineral water and apple juice.

  2. Germans love to travel and they often do it. Most of them after finishing high school go on a month-long journey before they start work or study. Also, after studying or between Bachelor and Master, a lot of them travel for a while, and it is not unusual to take a break for a year to go on a journey around the world.
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Best way to adopt on new culture

In some of the previous blog,  we were talking about changes and why we are scared of it. I can tell you definitely that if you don’t dare you will not know what good could happen, so I am always encouraging the people in my environment to try as much as possible different things without fear. Moving to another country will definitely bring some big changes in your life, it will change your way of living, and who knows maybe it will change you as a person.

The main fear that people have when they decide to move abroad is will they like it and how they will adapt to the new environment, new people, a way of thinking and of course new culture. Cultural shock is one of the first things that you will meet when you move abroad. Every country in the world has her own culture. The culture of a new country can be similar to yours but it will never be 100% the same. For example, in some parts of  China, it is rude if you don’t belch after the meal, they will say that you didn’t like the food and they will say that you are rude. But if you belch in any country in Europe during a meal the host will say that you are rude and it’s most likely that they will never again call you on dinner.

The same thing is with kisses if you are kissing with your boyfriend in the street in India you can go to jail because it is in the opposite way of thinking in their culture, but if you do that in Europe or the USA nobody will notice it. That doesn’t mean that you need to do it all the time in the street, you have a room for that 🙂

But let’s stop talking about the difference that you will notice when you go there, let’s talk about kindship between all cultures. All over the world people are the same they like a company, they are kind, honest, with a willingness to help, they are full of love and they are kind. This is all in our human nature. So don’t be afraid that you will not gonna find new friends and company in a new country, because you will. The new country with her culture is a new possibility for you and your family, in most cases, people who you will meet in the new country will be your friends forever. They will not gonna take you from your old friends in your origin country but they will help you to adopt in a new environment they will be your support in the times of crises, they will be everything as your old friends. Please don’t be scared, don’t hesitate to meet new people, those people will help you to accept the change much faster and they will learn you some things about the new country, they will help you to learn a new language, to find the hospital, educate yourself about working environment, etc.

As long as you have the ability to meet new people you don’t need to be scared of new cultures and new countries.

 Changing the country of living is similar as you change love when you are just growing up thinking you will never forget and overcome, even when it comes to better love, you sometimes go back to your mind in thoughts until one day you realize how lucky you are to have all done exactly that. My advice to people who asked how to deal with change is: If it did, it would have been necessary. Accept the new environment and your emotions boldly, everyone needs time to spare with himself from the things and people who once had them but always have to make room for new things and new people, new victories … Over by yourself, most often. Smile on your face and courageous in the new world, because if you were not brave, you would still be on your mom’s soup until the sixties, surely you would not move to another country…

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Learn new language in 6 months

We are sure that you have heard a lot of time how people are learning a new language because learning of a new language is fun and not so complicated. On the other side, you have heard that learning a new language is really hard and that it becomes harder when you are older. We can tell you definitely that this other opinion is not the truth. Learning a new language is a food for your brain because all those new words will be a plate full of new information for your brain.

If you want to make this process as much as possible funny and easy you just need to follow some simple steps. We will talk more about these steps in the next couple of sentences. First of all, we want to encourage you to decide to take that ride into a new adventure of learning a new language.

What will happen if we tell you that you can spend only 6 months to learn a new language? Will, you believe us? Most of the people who are bilingual say that learning a new language in 6 months is not mission impossible. On the web, you will find a lot of blogs and testimonials from people who are fluent in several languages, how they have learned a second language in less than a year, in just 6 months. I suppose that you are thinking now that it is all a marketing trick, but believe me, it’s not.

If you respect some of the basic rules and find your own methodology for learning a second language very quickly it will become peace of cake for you.

Let’s see now what are the rules for learning a new language.

  • Writing is a crucial

What does this mean? Writing is one of the most powerful human weapons in combination with language. The science says:” If you write everything on paper you will remember it faster”. So yes, that is thy for 100%. If you are using traditional methods of writing with pen and paper it is more likely that you will remember some things, so every new word you need to write down in some notebook and every time when you have some doubts you can take a look and find the solution. Also, as many times as you write it down your brain will remember it faster.

  • Listening

The second tool that you can use for learning a new language is listening. I suppose that almost everyone has some experience with learning a new language via watching some TV shows or series in that language. If you spend 1h a day watching your favorite TV Show listening to some music on your desired language that you will learn it faster than you think because your brain will remember it in the easiest way. If you spend hours and hours on just learning some grammatic rules it will not be a complete wasting of your time but definitely, it will not bring you desired results really fast.

  • Translate from your mother tongue language into the new one

By translating the main, basic sentences from your mother tongue language into the new language you will learn some basic sentences and phrase much faster. Our brain is developed to think on one language that language is always our mother tongue language, so if you translate some of the most used sentences into the new language it is more likely that you will remember it faster, and in a good way.

  • Reading

Reading is also one of the human weapons. By reading some books in another language you will remember some of the parts of the book, and also your brain will connect different words into one sentence and if you don’t understand some part of the sentence by combining the well-known words with unknown you will learn some new words and you will find out how the system of new language works.

  • Get yourself into the fire

If you think that by sitting in your room and waiting to learn a new language will bring you something you are wrong. It will not for sure bring anything. I suppose that you have heard a lot of times that communication is the key for everything, so this part brings us to one of the most powerful human weapons that define us from animals-communication. If you don’t speak you will not gonna learn it. Go get yourself in the fire, don’t be afraid of failure you will succeed for sure. Just believe in yourself and in your capability to communicate, God gives you that possibility so try to use it in the best possible way. By speaking with people on a new language you will develop some of the parts of that new language that you didn’t know before, and most importantly you will learn a new language really fast.

I hope that I have helped you to encourage yourself to learn the new language. Bilingualism is the future the power lays there. Bilingual people have a better memory, the percentage of diseased of Alzheimer is smaller in those who are bilingual. Remember your brain food is an information, so feed him every day.

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