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We are sure that you have heard a lot of time how people are learning a new language because learning of a new language is fun and not so complicated. On the other side, you have heard that learning a new language is really hard and that it becomes harder when you are older. We can tell you definitely that this other opinion is not the truth. Learning a new language is a food for your brain because all those new words will be a plate full of new information for your brain.

If you want to make this process as much as possible funny and easy you just need to follow some simple steps. We will talk more about these steps in the next couple of sentences. First of all, we want to encourage you to decide to take that ride into a new adventure of learning a new language.

What will happen if we tell you that you can spend only 6 months to learn a new language? Will, you believe us? Most of the people who are bilingual say that learning a new language in 6 months is not mission impossible. On the web, you will find a lot of blogs and testimonials from people who are fluent in several languages, how they have learned a second language in less than a year, in just 6 months. I suppose that you are thinking now that it is all a marketing trick, but believe me, it’s not.

If you respect some of the basic rules and find your own methodology for learning a second language very quickly it will become peace of cake for you.

Let’s see now what are the rules for learning a new language.

  • Writing is a crucial

What does this mean? Writing is one of the most powerful human weapons in combination with language. The science says:” If you write everything on paper you will remember it faster”. So yes, that is thy for 100%. If you are using traditional methods of writing with pen and paper it is more likely that you will remember some things, so every new word you need to write down in some notebook and every time when you have some doubts you can take a look and find the solution. Also, as many times as you write it down your brain will remember it faster.

  • Listening

The second tool that you can use for learning a new language is listening. I suppose that almost everyone has some experience with learning a new language via watching some TV shows or series in that language. If you spend 1h a day watching your favorite TV Show listening to some music on your desired language that you will learn it faster than you think because your brain will remember it in the easiest way. If you spend hours and hours on just learning some grammatic rules it will not be a complete wasting of your time but definitely, it will not bring you desired results really fast.

  • Translate from your mother tongue language into the new one

By translating the main, basic sentences from your mother tongue language into the new language you will learn some basic sentences and phrase much faster. Our brain is developed to think on one language that language is always our mother tongue language, so if you translate some of the most used sentences into the new language it is more likely that you will remember it faster, and in a good way.

  • Reading

Reading is also one of the human weapons. By reading some books in another language you will remember some of the parts of the book, and also your brain will connect different words into one sentence and if you don’t understand some part of the sentence by combining the well-known words with unknown you will learn some new words and you will find out how the system of new language works.

  • Get yourself into the fire

If you think that by sitting in your room and waiting to learn a new language will bring you something you are wrong. It will not for sure bring anything. I suppose that you have heard a lot of times that communication is the key for everything, so this part brings us to one of the most powerful human weapons that define us from animals-communication. If you don’t speak you will not gonna learn it. Go get yourself in the fire, don’t be afraid of failure you will succeed for sure. Just believe in yourself and in your capability to communicate, God gives you that possibility so try to use it in the best possible way. By speaking with people on a new language you will develop some of the parts of that new language that you didn’t know before, and most importantly you will learn a new language really fast.

I hope that I have helped you to encourage yourself to learn the new language. Bilingualism is the future the power lays there. Bilingual people have a better memory, the percentage of diseased of Alzheimer is smaller in those who are bilingual. Remember your brain food is an information, so feed him every day.

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