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10 interesting facts about Germany


When it comes to Germany and the Germans, the most frequent associations we have are Oktoberfest, beer and sausages. Here are some interesting things about this country and its people you might not know.


  1. Berlin, the capital of Germany is 9 times larger than Paris and has more bridges than Venice.

  1. The nearest street in the world is located in the German city of Reutlingen and at the narrowest point, it is only 31cm wide.

  1. Germany has over 2100 castles and castles.

  1. The largest zoo in the world is located in Berlin. Otherwise, there are over 400 registered zoos, as well as a large number of aquariums, nature reserves, botanical gardens, parks, etc.

  1. Sunday work in Germany is prohibited by the labor law and every Sunday the shops are closed. On business days, most stores are closing between 19 and 21h. Exceptions are gas stations, traffic lights at railway stations, bars, and restaurants. There are stores in major cities that are open all night, but the prices are really high.

  1. Football is a favorite sport and you can talk about it with anybody. In stadiums, girls, grandmothers, ladies, families can often be seen. Almost everyone has their favorite club, and women often train and watch football.

  1. In Germany, everyone pays its share of the account. Couples at meetings also share accounts, sometimes even married couples in restaurants. A change also returns to the cent. A clean account leans long love!

  1. In addition to beers and sausages, Germany is also famous for bread. There are more than 300 types of bread. Bread in Germany is served with each meal, and the selection of pastries in bakeries and shops is enormous.

  1. Germans are great fans of carbonated beverages. Even when ordering water in a coffee shop, it is generally assumed that it is a carbonated mineral water. One of the favorite drinks is soda-based apple juice, the so-called Apfelschorle, which is actually a mixture of carbonated mineral water and apple juice.

  2. Germans love to travel and they often do it. Most of them after finishing high school go on a month-long journey before they start work or study. Also, after studying or between Bachelor and Master, a lot of them travel for a while, and it is not unusual to take a break for a year to go on a journey around the world.

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