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You have decided to study or work in Germany, now you need to learn German fist so you can move into this beautiful country. You have heard that German is one of the most difficult languages to learn in the world, and you are scared now. That is absolutely normal. But we will encourage you to start learning the German language in a funny way with fewer difficulties.

Your task is, first of all, to teach your brain to connect language learning with fun and a sense of satisfaction.

We will give you some tips on how to learn the German language faster.

  1. Read news, newspapers, and magazines in German – You do not have to read novels, although you can do it if you want and have time, you can find news on the Internet, various articles in the field of interest, various magazines, online or on paper. If you are traveling to Germany, take the opportunity to get newspapers and magazines with topics of interest to you. Pay attention to the structure of the sentence, the time, the phrases, and the words used in these texts. Look up in the vocabulary of unknown words that you encounter or talk to a professor at a time about grammatical rules if you are unclear.
  2. Change the language settings on your computer, mobile and on all social networks and the internet services you use – Let everything be in German! In this way, you will be forced to quickly learn a large number of words, and it can be very fun.
  3. Listen to German radio stations – Even if you understand very little, still listen.
  4. Listen to music and try to write the lyrics – Look up some German top lists on the Internet and select a few songs. If you are a beginner, you can especially benefit from children’s songs because they have a simpler vocabulary and are easy to remember.
  5. Read the recipes or try to prepare some food following the instructions in German. You can find very useful videos on YouTube because you can connect what you hear to what the chef in the video is doing. In addition to the recipes, you can also watch various other video materials with instructions from an area that interests you and describes something step-by-step.
  6. Watch German movies without translation, possibly with subtitles in German – While you are trying to follow a movie that interests you a lot, you’ll be able to master the language. You can also write new words or phrases to find them later in the dictionary.
  7. Listen to podcasts – This is ideal if you do not have enough time. You can listen to podcasts in German on your mobile phone while waiting in line, walking, training, or going from home to work. It’s important that you are exposed to the language more.
  8. Choose every day for one area (eg animals, food and drinks, family members, etc.) and try to remember as many words as possible – You can do this during coffee breaks at work while waiting for something. You can also try to remember as many words as you can in some letter.
  9. Describe in a few sentences your day – In short, chronologically, where you were, what you were doing.
  10. At home, stick stickers on all objects with their names in German – This can be fun and useful to both you and your family members.

Viel Glück 🙂

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