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Reasons why you should work in Netherlands


The country of tulips, clamps, bright mornings and windmills. One of the best European countries for life and work, with the best health care system and with a lot of benefits for foreign employees. A country where you will breathe with full lungs where you will experience a real joy of living itself.

We are giving you 6 reasons why you should consider moving to the Netherlands and working in this country of flowers.

  1.       Low Rate of Unemployment

Thanks to the developed economy, the Netherlands recorded the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union, together with Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg. Therefore, the Netherlands is not only good to find a job, but also a job that you love, and if after a while you are not satisfied with it, you can easily change it.

  1.        Good connection with the rest of Europe and the world

Many foreign workers, especially those outside the EU, want to travel and get to know Europe when they have time. The Netherlands is, therefore, a great destination for employment, because it has an excellent geographical location and perfect traffic connections with neighboring countries and the rest of Europe.

  1.        Excellent Social Care System

Although you have to pay health insurance like anywhere else in the world, it’s worth paying off in the Netherlands, if we are looking in the current social care policy of this country. For example. If you are sick, the employer is obliged to pay you 70% of your salary over the next two years, even if you are not capable to work.

  1.         High Life Standard

Amsterdam is ranked as the 12th best city in the world of quality of life, according to Mercer’s 2012 ranking. The Netherlands itself has a very high standard of living, therefore it is definitely a country in which you have to work and live because work is worthwhile. One of the best things in this country is that you will be able to enjoy in life and to participate in all family activities.

  1.         Tax Reliefs

In the Netherlands, foreign workers can receive tax relief up to 30%. If you meet the requirements, your employer can offer you not to pay taxes on even one-third of your earnings. This is a unique thing and exists only in the Netherlands, and there are only a few more countries in which you can exercise this right but with less more percentage of tax reliefs.

  1.        People in the Netherlands are happy

According to the Global Employee Engagement Index, workers in the Netherlands are overwhelmingly satisfied, that means that Dutch workers work in an overly positive atmosphere, a clear division of work and responsibilities, as well as high employee motivation. Therefore, the work itself in the Netherlands is much more fulfilling workers and they are more happy and satisfied than in other European countries.


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